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An antique print, a set of sparkling candle holders, that special treasure you've
been searching for...they're all here in our special Vintage Finds Boutique.

Treasure hunting is our speciality and we spend hours scouring Flea Markets,
Antique Malls and Estate Auctions to bring pretty treasures directly to you. We
know you will love the charm and elegance of these pieces lovingly gathered from
days gone by. We hope that you will find something that speaks to your heart.
Settle in for a relaxing browse through our Vintage Finds Boutique below.

Click on each thumbnail for details and pricing.

Shabbily Tattered Old Wedding Dress
Petite French Couple Table Lamp

Vintage 1950'S Pink Bridesmaid Dress
Vintage Jessica McClintock Damask Coat

At Home With White By Victoria Book
Gorgeous Barbola Roses Wall Pocket

Vintage Souvenir Shell Box
Charming Milk Glass Soap Dishes

Amazing 1930's Boudoir Doll
Stunning Vintage Flower Vase

Depression Glass Candle Holders

Charming Roses Tole Tray
Cascading Lace Curtains W/Roses

Gorgeous Vintage Gold Vanity Tray

Adorable Vintage Pink Treat Baskets

Set Cascading Lace Curtains W/Roses

Charming Metal Heart Card Holders
Vintage Aqua Virgin Mary Statue

Charming Innocence Toffee Tin
Lovely Simplicity Toffee Tin


We sell a mixture of vintage and antique items in our Vintage Finds Boutique.
As these items have a past, small imperfections are not considered to be flaws.
We are honest in our descriptions and take the best photographs possible. If
you have a question regarding an item in this section, please do not hesitate
to ask as all sales in this department are final.

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