Do you love French style? If so, this is an absolutely beautiful framed print
that you will adore in your collection. It is simply stunning in person!

I am a real lover of any French style print with a lady on it and I have quite a few
in my collection, but nothing quite as exquisite as this lovely print. I might just
regret letting this one go! The print features three stunning French style ladies
dressed in large plumed hats and feminine dresses.

Each lady is showcased within her own cutout mat and the mat has a lovely cream
and tan mottled appearance. It is framed under glass in a narrow gold wooden
frame that appears to have gesso over the top. The back is finished with heavy
paper and there is a wire for hanging. There is one spot on the mat on the left
hand side that is blemished, but it's right near the edge so it doesn't really affect
the picture at all. There are also two spots of missing gesso, notably on the top
left hand side and the bottom right hand side. It measures 16 1/4" x 9.5".

This is a gorgeous antique print ~ you don't want to miss out on this one!

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