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When you have set your mind to sell away a precious piece from your collection or an antique item that you do not need anymore, you need the right buyers and people who will continue to value the item. Most collectors sell their collection when the price of an item matures, and the item becomes valuable. Today there are more ways of selling your antiques and collectibles than a decade ago.


eBay was truly a place for individuals to sell items and get the right price, until now when even retailers are trying to make a sale there. Despite the saturated market, it is still a good place to negotiate and sell items.



Etsy offers a platform to sell handmade items only, but you can also find a vintage category to buy or sell collectibles and antique items. The item to be sold has to be at least 20 years old.


TIAS is a premium store for collectibles and antique items. It requires a membership of $39.95 a month. You can put up your antique store online, and with only a 10% commission to Tias, you can ship the products worldwide.

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane provides an online platform for running your antique store with the condition that you should have a minimum of 10 items in your shop. Each category has a list of rules to make sure that you only find antique products on the website.

Personal blog

You can also open your own website to run your antique store online. Every business needs to have its own website today. Having your own antique store website will allow you to run your store on your own conditions. However, you will also need to use digital marketing methods to make your store popular locally and internationally.

Social media

Today, more and more artists find social media a great way to showcase their artwork and sell it. It is also a great place for antique stores to post their unique collection that people might be interested in buying. Instagram and Facebook are the top platforms that offer to sell and holding auctions.

Pop-up sale

Social media

Online is not the only market for selling antique pieces. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You can find a potential buyer for an antique piece in your neighborhood if you are lucky. Pop-up sales are a great way to sell items. Pick a date and place and advertise your sale on social media and let the word spread.

Yard sale

If you plan on cleaning up your storeroom and getting rid of some antique pieces that you do not need, you can put up a yard sale. It is not the best idea, but it can give you instant results faster than eBay.

One last tip: if you have a garage with epoxy flooring, make sure you display some of your antique pieces for sale in there as they will pop against the backdrop of the floors finish.

8 Places to Sell Your Antiques and Collectibles

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