Antique China Closets : Everything You Need to Know

Antique items build their reputation on a lot of factors, from their date of making to the maker and the history related to it. Every piece of fine art holds some value that only becomes more valuable with time, like folk art and period furniture. China cabinets became popular in the 1600s after the queen […]

8 Places to Sell Your Antiques and Collectibles

When you have set your mind to sell away a precious piece from your collection or an antique item that you do not need anymore, you need the right buyers and people who will continue to value the item. Most collectors sell their collection when the price of an item matures, and the item becomes […]

5 Tips for Collecting Candlesticks

Candlesticks make good gifts for weddings and house warming parties. It can be the most important piece on dining tables and shelves. Whenever you need to spend a quality evening or invite your friends over for dinner, candlesticks can warm up the environment and also add a natural glow to the ambiance. Some people also […]

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