Vintage Jewelry

When you are a shopaholic, you like to purchase things out of the habit of spending money. On the other hand, when you are a collector, you like to purchase things out of curiosity and your habit of purchasing valuable items. The value of jewelry can be determined by who made it, who wore it, and its historical importance. When you are planning to shop for vintage jewelry, you must know these tips to make the right decisions.

Examine the jewelry

Never purchase vintage jewelry without examining it for authenticity. No matter who is selling you the piece, you must confirm the authenticity by checking it from every angle. Check the back of the jewelry. A good piece of jewelry has a good finish without any signs of wearing. You may purchase jewelry with chipping and wear for high prices just because of its antiqueness, but it will not hold much value in the market.

It should look aged



When you buy authentic jewelry, it should look as old as the seller claims it to be. Many times the collectors and pawnshops reject jewelry because it does not look as old as advertised. If the jewelry is even a day older than it is advertised, it can affect its value. Take the help of an expert to examine jewelry. They can tell you the age of jewelry by noticing the smallest details. The weight or size are also good indicators of age.

Pay the price

If you find a piece that seems too good to be coming at a low price, it probably is. If the price of jewelry seems too low, it can have its own reasons. When you are traveling and find a shop that promises to sell you some antique pieces, make sure to shop around a little bit and find out if there are other stores like that. If it is the only authentic store, then you may have a deal for yourself.

Use outside resources

Make your decision

Take the help of Google and other resources to find out about the jewelry you are about to buy. The collectors always have a detailed account of the history of any jewelry they have. Make sure that you are up for all the information you can get on a piece before you discuss the price on it. When you are interested to know about the jewelry, you may also impress the seller and find a better price.

Make your decision


In the end, it all depends on you. Despite what the retailers and the experts would suggest, you should only buy the things that truly appeal to you. If a piece is historical, but you see no space for it in your collection, you are wasting money and also snatching it from someone who actually appreciates it. While you are passionate about your collection, let others also get an opportunity for what you do not want.

A Guide to Buy Vintage Jewelry

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