Collecting Candlesticks

Candlesticks make good gifts for weddings and house warming parties. It can be the most important piece on dining tables and shelves. Whenever you need to spend a quality evening or invite your friends over for dinner, candlesticks can warm up the environment and also add a natural glow to the ambiance. Some people also like to collect candlesticks of different types and designs. Suppose you are also getting fond of creative candlesticks and want to create your own collection. Here are some tips.

Think of a theme to collect candlesticks

When you become a candlestick collector, you need to think of a theme for collecting only a type of candlesticks. When you have a too mixed collection, it will look more like a mess when you use them all together. Instead, when you have a single theme, like glass candlesticks, they will look more in sync. Pick a type and color that you like and build your collection around it. Mercury glass candlesticks are the most preferred by experts, although they are hard to find.

Use candlesticks in groups

Use candlesticks in groups

When you start collecting candlesticks, make sure that you have a bunch of them before you start using them. Taking out one candlestick during a big occasion is not a smart idea at all. If at all you want to make an impact, you need more than five candlesticks kept together. Make a big statement by arranging your candlesticks next to each other. The more candlesticks you have, the better it will be for you.

Vary heights


The beginners often feel that the candlesticks of the same size and height are good for decoration, but experts have a different opinion on this. The candlesticks of different heights provide an artistic feel to the arrangement of glow. Even though the same height candlesticks may look good, they become boring soon. If you already have a collection of candlesticks of the same height, a book or an art-piece can become a good riser for the candlesticks.

Always be creative


Another way to utilize candlesticks is to use them for anything that seems suitable. You do not have to use all the candlesticks in a group for candles. One in a group can also become a creative stand for a model of art, a fruit, or something that it can hold. It will give your arrangement a diverse look than the dull candle arrangement.

Collect what you love

Collect what you love

Another expert tip is to only collect what you love and forget about what others will prefer. In the end, the candlesticks can do the work of providing you a peaceful meditative environment. Pick the candlesticks that vibe with your energy. You can explore different materials, from brass to silver, copper, clay, and glass. They are beautiful accessories to have at your home and will always come in handy on special occasions.

5 Tips for Collecting Candlesticks

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